I have been writing about my life as off-the-grid, but let me describe more fully what this looks like. I live on a seven acre property, about five of those acres are oak tree forest, the other two are developable land. The house is only accessible by an easement road, which means I have to drive through four other properties before I get to my own. This also means the road is private, each one of us is responsible for up keeping the portion of the easement road which crosses our respective properties.

The nearest power lines are two miles away. The nearest phone lines are four miles away, right next to my mailbox, which is also four miles away. I have no clue where to find the nearest cable/internet lines, gas lines, or water lines. However I do know the nearest sewage lines are fifteen miles away. Nearest trash service is ten miles.

SO, if my family wants electricity, phone, internet, gas, water, sewage treatment, trash service, and a safe road to get us from our home to the main road…

It’s up to us to make it happen.

The funny part is, we are not out in the middle of nowhere hours away from civilization. We just happen to be in a forgotten corner of California where no one else thought it was worth installing those things.