PRAA Artist Presentation

Guy Kinnear will share ways of working with models in order to create a positive modeling event that enables their stories to embody works of art, whatever the medium. Portraiture and Figurative genres will be explored.

OCTOBER 15, 2016. 10:00am

Studios in the Park

Paso Robles Art Association #7

1130 Pine St. Paso Robles

CA 93446, (805) 238-9800



Before art stores, artists had to be alchemists, creating their own archival art supplies from the materials in their own back yards. Whole compositions would be developed around the availability of resources, from the plentifully domestic to the more limited and exotic materials. In addition, artists would be intimately knowledgeable of safety and storage issues of their media.

In this workshop we will work through the processes of crafting one’s own inks and paints. We will also look at the construction of various art surfaces: canvass, wood panel, and mounted paper, with materials purchased from local home improvement stores. The resulting materials will be of professional grade quality at a fraction of the cost of most art store supplies. Studio safety and green practices will also be covered.

Your Brush for All It’s Worth

Your Brush

There are over 1000 marks hidden in each brush. The broader a vocabulary of mark the artist has, the greater the sophistication of their work. In this open media workshop we will be experiment with exercises derived from the Sumi-E to unlock the unlimited options hidden in the bristles of your brushes.

Beginning painters looking to understand wet media better are invited, as well as seasoned artists looking to fine tune the abilities of their tools. Artists will be introduced to experiments that they will be able to explore outside of the classroom for their long-term growth. We will begin with understanding the creative discipline of the Sumi-E, and then translate those skills into the artist’s own chosen medium. Skills are applicable to landscape, figurative, and still life works.

The Color of Flesh

Kinnear SLOMA workshop image

In this open media workshop, we will be exploring expressive color as it relates to the figure. Artists will draw inspiration from diverse skin pigmentation, light-color, shadow-color, then push forward into poetic-color using elements of color theory.   We will be working from live models under different lighting conditions as our starting point. The focus will be on colorito over disegni, so artists are invited to work in mediums they are already comfortable in.


The workshop will include drawing/painting demos, and brief art appreciation lectures. Bring play, bring eyes, bring hands, and bring a lot of surfaces to experiment on, we are going to make A LOT of ART! A Flesh & Light Color List will be provided in the workshop materials list. 1 hr break for lunch.



World cultures have used specialized masks in festivals and rituals for millennia. We will be creating a transformative mask using clay molds then constructing from homemade paperclay, and individualized decoration. Final masks can be for costume or home display.


historic nude

AUGUST 4, 12:00N-1:00PM

SLO Museum of Art

Bring your lunch and enjoy a feast for the eyes with Art at High Noon, an art appreciation program for working adults. SLOMA will host an art history lecture, artist’s talk, or activity that fits perfectly within your lunch hour, giving 9-to-5’ers a dose of artistic inspiration during the work day. Admission is free and open to the public.

The nude is a cornerstone subject of western art and also one most problematic. The nude has been celebrated and censured, idealized, eroticized, and banalized. On Thursday, August 4 at 12 PM, SLOMA welcomes figurative artist Guy Kinnear for a history of the human body in the arts. He will cover the complex history of the nude in western art and its role in defining what it means to be human.

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Color OP Workshop

Color is the life’s breath of two dimensional works, and its history is complex and luscious. From the red luminescence of the ancients to the “wine dark sea” of Homer, the versatility of a single hue is unlimited. In this workshop we will explore the expressive and compositional possibilities of hue through the medium of oil pastel.

Diverse basic oil pastel techniques will be covered as a means to experiment in color, and content will be applicable to all other mediums and subjects. Explorations in hue will include how to use color to create successful compositions, emphasize depth in space, and express emotion. Both beginner and experienced artists are welcome.




In this workshop students will be completing a painting of the human head in oil or acrylics. We will use a constructive approach, using a clay head as a model, building from basic proportions, to general masses, and finishing with individual features. This course is an introduction for beginners wanting to develop basic portraiture skills.