Shop Policies

All purchases will be processed through PayPall. 

Credit Card and Debit Card payments only. No checks or money orders will be accepted. Cash purchases for local hand delivery only.

In the case of a refund:

  • Returns must be initiated within two weeks of the purchaser receiving the purchased artwork.
  • Returned artwork must be returned in padded packaging marked fragile and/or in its original packaging if the packaging is still in good condition, and artwork must be received by the artist in original condition. Artwork damaged by the or in the return shipment will not be refunded.
  • Returned artwork must be return shipped at the same class and charges as purchased by the purchaser when buying the artwork. The artist and/or shipping company will only refund shipping charges equal to or less than the charges at the time of the initial purchase. 
  • In the case of artwork which arrives damaged to the purchaser, the purchaser must provided documentation proving damage to the artwork and the shipping package. In such a case a full refund or replacement will be provided by either the shipping company or by the artist. 
  • Before a refund is processed, all payments by the purchaser must fully clear the artist account and undamaged artwork must be received by the artist.